In India, Investing in property is a very demanding task and you might come across several hurdles such as finance, title defects, complicated tenancy laws, inexperienced brokers and at times the condition of a property itself. Thus to reduce the hurdles and to make a successful property investment, here is the guideline to buy a property.

  • Having a proper property buying Budget

While you are buying a property, you are making a substantial long term financial investment and committing your resources for long, thus you must take into consideration about how much can you afford. You should also take into account the total purchase price of the property that will include the costs of registration fees, legal fees, brokerage fees, stamp duty, legal fees, and cost of renovation, society transfer charges, property tax payments, maintenance fees and cost of furnishing the property. Also the electricity and water connection charges are levied by the developers on the buyers which must be taken into account.

  • Identification of a realtor

By offering the useful market information, the realtor can be really obliging in getting you the right and useful market information. There are many online realtors that can be of real assistance in guiding you through the whole procedure.  However, one point that the buyer must be careful about is that there is no real estate broking firm institutionalised in India and so the buyers must seek professional services from reliable source only. The real estate broker from whom the buyer is seeking professional assistance must be knowledgeable and experienced in completing the deals successfully. By offering complete information about the property, the real estate broker should help a buyer in finding what he is exactly looking for.

  • Identifying an ideal property

While you are buying a residential or a commercial property, there are numerous aspects that you need to take into consideration before you finally make the payment. Al the types of properties have their own benefits and disadvantages. Where the independent house gives you much liberty, the cooperative society apartments gives you proper parking facilities, well designed homes and recreational area. Now days, the special township homes are grooming in India in Delhi-NCRs such as Gurgaon, Behror, Neemrana etc that are offering freehold homes, villas and apartments. These are very much affordable if you make bookings during construction. These are known to offer all modern day amenities to the buyers and residents that include swimming pools, gymnasium, temple, parks, parking facilities, power backup, health clubs, shopping complex, medical facilities, security and much more. These are much hyped investment options these days for exaggerated future benefits.

  • Taking the legal aspects into consideration

To complete the purchase, there are several legal intricacies that buyer will have to deal with, once the property is finalised. While the decision is finalised, hiring a good lawyer is highly recommended. Laws can vary between two states and districts.

  • Assessing the right value of the property

Make sure that you take the idea of the value of the property of the area well in advance. Assessing the right value of the property is essential and this can be done by acquiring the information obtained from previous transactions. You can acquire the information about the property from the registrars, brokers and neighbours. Also you can seek assistance from a good realtor.

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