Neemrana – A Hotspot destination for Investment projects

If you are looking for an investment scheme that can fund you in your retirement like many others, then you are at the right place. Compared to savings deposits accounts that will yield you a minor percentage of returns over your investments, investing money in real estate is something that is not just a good option for long term investment but also the one option that will yield you inestimable gains within a short span of time.

However, with the real estate investment idea the question that prompts on first instance is “WHERE” to invest in real estate. India is a big country and there lies the investment opportunities in almost every corner. However, one place that has industrial linkages to the capital city Delhi and is also well linked with expressways and highways, Rajasthan is now a super hot market for the investors. The upcoming project of development by DMIC to make Neemrana – A Small Japan in India has evolved this place as major investment centre. The infrastructural growth here is an outcome of Investment projects in Neemrana by major developer companies and construction groups.

Being the pull factor, the infrastructure growth of Neemrana is high paced and scope of employment generation here makes this place even more ideal investment opportunity. The generation today is demanding for the residential facilities near to their workplaces and thus foreseeing the industrial projects by DMIC in Neemrana- Japanese corridor, investing in a residential asset is likely to find a greater traction. The proposed construction plans in Neemrana are likely to spur the value of residential plots and projects at a greater scale.

Investment opportunities in Neemrana –

Rajasthan is now settling and upcoming as one of the better developed states of India. Being well connected with highways and railways to Delhi, there lays great investment opportunities in its renowned towns like Neemrana, Alwar, Bhiwadi and Dharuhera. Thanks to DMIC developmental project, there exists good opportunities not just for the direct customers but also for the mid-income housing segments who can experience a healthy demand for the right project at good prices. The Future is now and investing the money in real estate in Investment projects in Neemrana is like starting to reap the benefits from now itself.

The land values In Neemrana –

Right now, the land values in Neemrana is ideal to invest your money into. You can get a plot somewhere between Rs. 2000- 3000 per square meter. This about two or three years ago was about Rs. 500-600 per square meter. The land value in Neemrana has shown a steady increase in real estate prices over the years. The value is bound to grow and being an investor you will be overwhelmed with high returns on per unit of risks. With the growing demands for luxury living styles, residential laces near to work places and safer living needs, investing with recognised residential township builders in Investment projects in Neemrana is an ideal investment decision.

Property prices –

By virtue of its locational advantages, Neemrana has cited a healthy appreciation in property prices. The infrastructure developments and being emerging out as Japanese corridor, today Neemrana is one of the most attractive towns of Rajasthan. The residential and industrial corridors in Neemrana have made this place worth investing one’s money. There are many recognised real estate builders with whom you can invest your money safely and can experience the ecstasy of significant price increments.  Being adjacent to national highway 8, Investment projects in Neemrana are euphoric residential and industrial market.

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